Saturday, October 19, 2019

New Ideas For Service Dog Functions. What Else Can Service Dogs Do?

Interesting Ideas For Service Dogs Functions

Introduction: What are atypical, odd, funny, peculiar, or deviant functions for service dogs? People can benefit in creative, unexpected and unusual ways.  The service dog's role may appear strange, yet their functions and assistance can have diverse benefits. Read the other Service Dog Institute ™links on government's wide definition of service dogs. These creative and usual functions list may or may not constitute a permitted or recognized safeguard or necessity criteria.

Unrealized Problems Service Dogs Might Help With:

• Bad human behavior. Service animal reminds person to change when the peculiarly undesirable behavior starts. Taking the drink or illegal drug dose.
• Alzheimer and dementia patient reminders.

Innovative Service Dog Function Idea List

Windows Or Doors Left Open: Such as when weather becomes windy or rainy.

Unhealthy Eating: Alerts when fatty, salty or other human food in outside desired diet. Notifies person when food smell suddenly increases. Get creative with the unusual possibilities.

Getting Out Of Bed Too Late? For lazy people who need coaxing.

Exercising improperly: Alerting to unsafe body movements. Alerts to unconscious behaviors.

Flight anxiety: nudges person to remind that they are unusually anxious.

General Anxiety: Whenever a person's stress level increases. Not necessarily tied to a narrow psychological diagnosis such as per the DSM5 manual.

Your Bad Posture: Alerts to stand or sit in better posture. Or to sit ergonomically at the computer.

Tics or Unusual Body Movement: Mild Tourette's Syndrome when person has reasonable control to stop undesired behavior, and needs to be notified they're falling into the atypical behavioral pattern.

Seniors Needing Monitoring. Possible Alzheimers
• Wobbly walking, or forgetting to use a walker
• Getting Out Of Bed Without Assistance
• Forgetting to turn on thermostat
• Treading stairs too quickly or carelessly
• Also alerts if isolated dementia / Alzheimers patients: defecate in bed, moan, or has other aberrant behavior.

Other Household Dog's or Cat's Aberrant Behaviors:
• When neurotic cat defecates outside kitty litter box. Owner can immediately punish the pet, so pet correlates the deviant behavior with punishment. Or faster clean up.
• If owner doesn't know cat wants to come inside. Perhaps a pet door isn't used because owner doesn't want them tracking dirt inside, without first cleaning their paws.

How To Train Dogs To Alert For Unusual Human Behaviors:
Come up with ways to reward dogs with treats when the person exhibits modifiable behaviors, thereby training the service dog to nudge the owner when the behavior starts. Is the strange human behavior something the dog can recognize, and get a treat when the dog nudges the person exhibiting the atypical behavior?

There are countless bad human behaviors that might be modified just with a friendly alert. To the uneducated, the service dog's function might seem atypical. These creative and usual functions list may or may not constitute a permitted or recognized safeguard or necessity criteria. This unproven list (along with all details in the Service Animal Institute's blog) may help modify unwanted, odd, or peculiar human behaviors. Service Animal Institute is tied with Service Dogs Institute ™, and Innovation Institute ™ in Napa and Fairfield California. A legitimate service dog may be discriminated against, and unethically barred from airline travel, such harassment is not unknown. It's possible to alter deviant functions for healthier living. Creative solutions to unusual and correctable human behaviors can be made depending on the dog training and person's receptivity to their behavior trait modification.  

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