Wednesday, March 13, 2013

No Service Dogs For Deaf-Blind Adults Allowed?

Is This For Real? No Service Dogs For Deaf-Blind Adults?

How Can A Deaf-Blind Adult Get A Service Dog? Please Call 707 428-5022

The Service Animal Institute has found that common service dog charities refuse to provide help to deaf-blind candidates. We need deaf-blind service dog training programs.

The mother a deaf-blind son writes about the past 51 years raising her sight and hearing impaired son. The book "Visions" is at
She is looking for a deaf-blind service dog. She prefers the term "deaf-blind service dog" to "sight impaired hearing impaired service dog" in today's vernacular tradition.

The Service Animal Institute believes the following can be done:
• Take a young service animal and slightly modify their training for candidates that are not only sight impaired but also partly or fully hearing impaired.
• Help intelligent deaf-blind people adapt to the seeing eye dogs.  For example the deaf-blind can generally feel the seeing eye dog's actions.
• Train Labradors or German Shepherds to become deaf-blind service dogs.

Join the deaf-blind service dog research program. Anyone interested in deaf-blind service dogs are welcome to post comments or Call 707 428-5022

The Service Animal Institute
Solano Business Incubator
1652 West Texas Street
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707 428-5000

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