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Helper Monkeys – Interesting Service Animals

Trained service monkeys are another type of assistance animal. They are in some ways similar to an assistance dog.

Properly trained service monkeys often help quadriplegics. The trained primates also help people with severe spinal cord injuries or other mobility impairments.

It might take 7 years to train on average. Luckily trained service monkeys might serve 25–30 years. This is triple the span of Labrador or German Sheppard dogs. Capuchin monkeys might live into their fourth decade.

Capuchin service animals undergo extensive training. Capuchin service animal tasks can be microwaving food, or opening pill bottles. Capuchin service animals are often reasonably good at washing the quadriplegic's face, and putting straws into drinks after hearing the request from the disabled person.

Service Animal Acronyms

Popular Abbreviations Related To Service Animals

ACAA: Air Carrier Access Act. Requires disabled people to fly with their service dogs
ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act
AKC: American Kennel Club
ALF: Assisted Living Facility
ASD: Autism Spectrum Disorder (previously also called Asperger’s)
ASL: American Sign Language
ATTS: American Temperament Test Society

BAER: Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response

CD: Companion Dog, AKC's novice obedience title
CERF: Canine Eye Registration Foundation
CGC: Canine Good Citizen program/test from the AKC
CGN: Canine Good Neighbor program/test from the Canadian Kennel Club
CKC: Canadian Kennel Club
CP: Cerebral palsy
CT: Click Treat: clicker dog training

DOJ: Department Of Justice (USA)
DOT: Department of Transportation: air travel issues in the USA

EEOC: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (workplace access complaints)
ES or ESA: Emotional Support Animal

FHA: Fair Housing Act
FHAA: Fair Housing Amendments Act (added new protected classes, including PWDs)

GDB: Guide Dogs for the Blind
GEB: Guiding Eyes for the Blind
GSD: German Shepherd Dog

HA: Hearing aid
HOH: hard of hearing
HRC: Human Rights Commission

IAADP: International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
IDEA: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

MI: Mental illness
MS: Multiple Sclerosis
MWD: Military War Dog

P-: negative punishment
P+: positive punishment
PAT: Public Access Test
PCCM: Primary Care Case Management
PCP: Primary Care Physician
PDPC: Pet Door Paw Cleaner.  Uses pet psychology for pets to clean paws before entering.
PL: Public Law
PSD: Psychiatric Service Dog
PT: physical therapy
PWD: Person with a Disability or less often used for Portuguese Water Dog

R-: negative reinforcement
R+: positive reinforcement

SA: Service Animal
SAI: Service Animal Institute
SD: Service Dog. A type of service animal.
SDID: Service Dog - Invisible Disability
SDIT: Service Dog In Training
SL: Sign Language
SPD: Sensory Processing disorder

TAB: Temporarily Able Bodied (the non-disabled)
TBI: Traumatic Brain Injury
TS: Tourette Syndrome
TSA: Transportation Safety Administration

UKC: United Kennel Club

VI: Visually impaired

WC: Wheelchair

Top Service Animal Links

Best Service Animal Links

Top Resources For 
Service Dogs, Miniature Horse Service Animals & Trained Monkeys

Assistance Dogs: Learning New Tricks for Centuries. Jennie Cohen.

Assistance Dogs International : A coalition organizations that train and place assistance dogs. ADI handles training, placement, and utilization of assistance dogs. Check the Assistance Dogs International comprehensive accreditation system.

California state service dog laws:

Canine Companions For Independence P.O. Box 446, Santa Rosa, CA 95402 USA (707) 577-1700 (Voice). (707) 577-1756 (TTY). Fax: (707) 577-1711 Focuses on SD for: Hearing, Service, Social/Therapy. Those aged 15 or older can get a free service dog.

Delta Society National Service Dog Center 289 Perimeter Rd. East, Renton, WA 98055 USA (800) 869-6898. (800) 809-2714 (TTY) Promote the study of the human and animal symbiotic bond. The Delta Society National Service Dog Center  offers courses on the service dog business. The Delta Society National Service Dog Center newsletter’s is published quarterly.

Disability Self-Assessment Test. Free My Paws.

Fake Service Dogs:
1: Completely Free Small PDF Book
2: Fakers. Service Dogs of Florida Inc.

Finding Service Dogs:

Food and Agricultural Codes. Using California as an example.
Guide Dogs for the Blind’s History. Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Guide Horse Foundation P.O. Box 511, Kittrell, NC 27544 USA Phone: (252) 433-4755 Apply for a Guide Horse Foundation miniature horse service animal. Guide Horse Foundation covers the costs of the on-site interview, transportation of the student to the Guide Horse Foundation. Guide Horse Foundation maintains legal ownership of the miniature horse service animal.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Helping Hands-Monkey Helpers for the Disabled 541 Cambridge St, Boston, MA 02134 USA (617) 787-4419. Capuchin service monkeys are adaptively trained to match the person’s unique needs. The adaptively trained service monkey can help people with computer work. Or they can reposition a hand or foot after a muscle spasm. It can also scratch an itch. Ownership of the adaptively trained service monkey goes to the new monkey owner. Helping Hands-Monkey Helpers for the Disabled continues to provide behavioral and veterinary support for their expensive o train Capuchin service monkeys.

International Association of
Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP)

International Guide Dog Federation.

Minimum Standards for Training Service Dogs. Assistance Dogs International Inc.
Minimum Standards for Training Service Dogs. Assistance Dogs International Inc.

Monkey Service Animal video. The Capuchin Monkeys. Video from MSNBC after advertisement
The Capuchin service monkey is assistance animal, similar to service dog. Capuchin service monkeys are specially trained to help quadriplegics, other people with severe spinal cord injuries or others with mobility-impairments.

More Than Man’s Best Friend. Jarrett A. Lobell and Eric Powell. Archaeology Magazine. October 2010.

New York State Service Dog Laws:

Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel. 14 CFR Part 382. U.S. Department of Transportation.

Pets in the passenger cabin. Federal Aviation Administra­tion. October 2009.

Service Animal Institute

Service Dog Certification: Spotting Fake Certifications & Registrations.
Service Dog Tasks for Psychiatric Disabilities. Joan Froling, trainer consultant, International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP).

US States. State by state laws on service dogs. Federal laws also apply per the ADA links.

Links from Service Animal Institute’s blogs are never warranted.

More Resources For Service Dogs, Miniature Horse Service Animals & Trained Monkeys In Service Animal Institute’s Future Postings

Real Versus Fake Service Dogs

Fake Service Dogs

Fake Service Dogs Are A Problem But Not The End Of The World

A service dog can be any size or breed. Unfortunately the US government does not require service dog handlers to carry with them service dog registration papers.

People with limited understanding of service dogs often think service dogs are only for the sight impaired. They don’t know that there are other types of animals working as service animals.  People come to expect that service dogs are limited to Labrador retrievers, Golden labs or German Shepherds. Poodles are considered often great candidates for being trained for being a service dog.

Some of the benefits given to service dog handlers include:

Cardiac related issues
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The Service Animal Institute encourages people to remember that service dogs are not restricted to doing just one task. When trained early enough, dogs learn how to learn. That is they learn that there things they need to learn. Service dogs can continue to learn new tasks throughout their lives if the service dog has “learned that they can learn”. 

With the help of Hollywood the public has grown to expect service dogs with limited ranges of emotions.  It’s as if the dog is alive to do just the tasks given to her or him. Cute dogs can be discriminated against by establishments because they “don’t look like a service dog”. It could happen that the “cute” service is trained in a wide range of tasks including making friendly interactions with people who have suffered PTSD.

Owners often don’t like being stigmatized as being disabled and opt out of forcing their dogs to wear service animal dog vests. However those vests are easily purchased on the web. Such vests don’t differentiate between real and fake service dogs.

Best Fake Service Dog Link. Completely Free Short PDF Book:

Are Fake Service Dogs As Bad A Problem As Some Make It Out To Be? Unruly dogs already don’t get service animal rights.

Learn More About Real Versus Fake Service Dogs From This Blog's Other Pages

New Type Of Service Animal: The Miniature Horse Service Animal MHSA

Service Animal Institute ™ predicts a growing trend for alternatives to dogs for use as service animals. Both miniature horses and special monkeys are going to start replacing dogs as service animals.  Here is our non legal interpretation of US government protections for miniature horse service animals. This may shock people new to the growing service animal movement.

Organizations Are Required To Make Reasonable Modifications: Our reading of America’s Disability Act 35.136 is as follows: Organizations visited by a miniature horse service animal must adapt their procedures to permit miniature horse for those with a disability.

Should organizations visited by a miniature horse service animals be required to adapt themselves when the miniature horse is out of control? Put simply our answer is a clear no. The issue is being able to define as funny as it may sound to those not familiar with service animals, what “out of control” exactly is. Here are other issues that might release organizations from allowing miniature horse service animals:

Miniature Horse Service Animal (MHSA) Might Be Barred In These Circumstances?
• The MHSA horse is just too big or too heavy.
• Is the MHSA horse house broken?
• Safety issues for others on the premises.
• You can’t have an out of control horse running around the premises naturally.

We believe businesses shouldn't be easily sued for not allowing MHSA. How is a business to easily know the service hours isn't some type of prank? MHSA owners might be required to carry extra papers that would be required of service dog owners.