Monday, October 13, 2014

Traveling With Service Dogs To Mexico

Can People Be Traveling With Their Service Dogs To Mexico? Confusing Details Found On The Web.

Proof of vaccines against rabies and distemper, administered at least 3 days or 15 
days before the  arrival of your pet in Mexico (depends on which website you read). 

Links To Start Your Search On Bringing Service Dogs Into Mexico. View multiple sites to make sure you're not missing anything. Some sites mention the Hepatitis (perhaps the adeno virus) vaccine plus ticks and tapeworm test. Some say the adeno is administered normally with the distemper test.

3rd Party Link:

When Service Animal Institute called different US airline staff, it was given vague information and a website to visit.  But the website required a password only available to airlines staff. Here is what was apparently pasted from the site:

Mexico (MX)
- Cats and dogs require a veterinary health certificate (the

  original and a copy), which specifies: 
  -name and address of person responsible for the pet, and 
  -that pet was clinically healthy during prior to departure
  inspection, and 

  -date and validity of rabies vaccination, (exempt are pets

  younger than 3 months), or 
  -a Rabies Vaccination Certificate (the original and a copy).

  Exempt from presenting a veterinary health certificate are

  pets which originally departed from Mexico and that have a
   Certificado Zoosanitario de Exportacion  (CZE). Pets are

  subject to veterinary control upon arrival. For detailed
  information, please refer to: 

It appears Mexico does not offer special rights to owners of service dogs (or so we read on the web).

• Confirm with your licensed veterinarian
• While we're read two copies of the health certificate docs are needed with either one or two originals, why not bring extra copies just in case.
• Bring a list of all vaccinations.  Your vet might print out the list of shots even if they're not mentioned as a Mexican requirement.
• You'll need to meet requirements for reentering into your country of domicile.  US Center for Disease Control and Prevention:
• This blog and its links are opinions for brainstorming and not vouched for accuracy.