Sunday, January 20, 2013

Real Versus Fake Service Dogs

Fake Service Dogs

Fake Service Dogs Are A Problem But Not The End Of The World

A service dog can be any size or breed. Unfortunately the US government does not require service dog handlers to carry with them service dog registration papers.

People with limited understanding of service dogs often think service dogs are only for the sight impaired. They don’t know that there are other types of animals working as service animals.  People come to expect that service dogs are limited to Labrador retrievers, Golden labs or German Shepherds. Poodles are considered often great candidates for being trained for being a service dog.

Some of the benefits given to service dog handlers include:

Cardiac related issues
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The Service Animal Institute encourages people to remember that service dogs are not restricted to doing just one task. When trained early enough, dogs learn how to learn. That is they learn that there things they need to learn. Service dogs can continue to learn new tasks throughout their lives if the service dog has “learned that they can learn”. 

With the help of Hollywood the public has grown to expect service dogs with limited ranges of emotions.  It’s as if the dog is alive to do just the tasks given to her or him. Cute dogs can be discriminated against by establishments because they “don’t look like a service dog”. It could happen that the “cute” service is trained in a wide range of tasks including making friendly interactions with people who have suffered PTSD.

Owners often don’t like being stigmatized as being disabled and opt out of forcing their dogs to wear service animal dog vests. However those vests are easily purchased on the web. Such vests don’t differentiate between real and fake service dogs.

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Are Fake Service Dogs As Bad A Problem As Some Make It Out To Be? Unruly dogs already don’t get service animal rights.

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