Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Type Of Service Animal: The Miniature Horse Service Animal MHSA

Service Animal Institute ™ predicts a growing trend for alternatives to dogs for use as service animals. Both miniature horses and special monkeys are going to start replacing dogs as service animals.  Here is our non legal interpretation of US government protections for miniature horse service animals. This may shock people new to the growing service animal movement.

Organizations Are Required To Make Reasonable Modifications: Our reading of America’s Disability Act 35.136 is as follows: Organizations visited by a miniature horse service animal must adapt their procedures to permit miniature horse for those with a disability.

Should organizations visited by a miniature horse service animals be required to adapt themselves when the miniature horse is out of control? Put simply our answer is a clear no. The issue is being able to define as funny as it may sound to those not familiar with service animals, what “out of control” exactly is. Here are other issues that might release organizations from allowing miniature horse service animals:

Miniature Horse Service Animal (MHSA) Might Be Barred In These Circumstances?
• The MHSA horse is just too big or too heavy.
• Is the MHSA horse house broken?
• Safety issues for others on the premises.
• You can’t have an out of control horse running around the premises naturally.

We believe businesses shouldn't be easily sued for not allowing MHSA. How is a business to easily know the service hours isn't some type of prank? MHSA owners might be required to carry extra papers that would be required of service dog owners.

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  1. Just Imagine The New Type Of Service Animal Walking Up To The Cashier At Your Supermarket ;)